Friday, April 03, 2009

Your Gonna Miss This...Moment

Watching my little guy and his dad fly a Star Wars kite while he (Ruben) is dressed up as Darth Vader in our backyard is definitely on my list of things I will miss.
I thought the Star Wars thing was a phase but we are going on two years now and he wears that Vader outfit almost daily.

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Carrie said...

That is so cute! What a great moment :) I used to fight Emily in the past when she was 2 or 3 about changing out of her ballerina tutu before doing our errands, but she won, of course! It was pretty cute, and I miss that too!

Gayle said...

Oh, that is such a completely awesome memory! I haven't flown a kite since the older kids were little. I guess the little ones deserve the same memory! I'd better get on that. :)

Pam said...

that is so cute! my now 14 year old Zach went through that with a power ranger costume we had!! of course that was 10 years ago... :) thanks for the memory! thanks for joining me!!

marla gillespie said...

that is so cool! you guys surely got your money's worth out of that outfit! I got your message and poor Jake has taken to writing messages that I'm supposed to mail to you to tell you to come over on friday. I figured if Roo is out of school all week you might not want to wait until Friday so I was thinking you guys could get here around 11 tomorrow and Roo could help me get the boys off the bus and then they can play. Then if you want to do eggs we can do that on Friday. can you handle two get togethers in one week? Just let me know what sounds good. ;) Marla