Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alright Already!!!

My dear sweet husband has had it with my new look every two days thing I have had going on here lately.

Well, I had finally found one that I loved and was satisfied with. I was at peace with my blog design decision, UNTIL I found a website that showed me how to use a three column template on your blog. I had been trying to figure this out forever.

With two columns on my blog it just looked too bunched up. So I followed the step by step instructions and to my utter surprise it worked the first time.

So now I had three columns, what I did not have was a layout that worked with the three columns. Hadn't thought about it not being compatible, but evidently you can only have three columns with layouts made specifically for three column formats.

So I had to change the layout I loved and spent hours making a header that would fit this blog layout perfectly. I still have to make some minor adjustments, but don't worry there will be no big changes for a very very long time or Jose will change passwords on me and take away my editing abilities. :)

Deana got out of the hospital this afternoon and is feeling better but now comes the daunting task of packing up and moving them here. They will eventually find a place of there own close to us but for now and probably the next 6 months or so they will be living here.

That will be a piece of cake compared to packing up all there stuff. They have rooms that you can't even walk in because they have saved so much stuff. But I'm determined to get it done and get it done by the 21st of this month.

I'm off to Mad town in the morning to do a lot of throwing stuff out packing.

Well I am off to bed, it's almost 2am and I have to be up bright and early.


Anonymous said...

wow- by the 21st!! Maybe you don't have time for playdates until that is done. if so it's no biggie- we'll be here. ;)

oh and you and the blogs.... I'm scared!! I have no idea how to even change the background and here you go changing everything. I'm impressed. Don't tell Jose I think your are the Blog Master! LOL! (Hey Jose!)